Saturday, 31 March 2012

Leighton Denny 'Sensual Glam' Nail Polish

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I became a big fan of Leighton Denny nail polish last year when we all tried on the ‘Supermodel’ shade backstage at QVC. It’s easy to apply, and lasts such a long time without chipping that it’s no wonder that most of the female backstage and presenter staff were walking around with matching nails for the following week.
With it’s £11 a bottle price tag, I’ve always opted away from buying it in favor of cheaper brands, so when I saw a range of discontinued colours on offer at £5 at my local beauty clinic, I couldn’t resist.
My favourite colour from my batch of purchases is definitely ‘Sensual Glam’ - it’s nude enough to be subtle, but sparkly enough to add a touch of glam to the everyday. It’s completely rekindled my love affair with Leighton Denny nail varnishes, and no long will I shy away from them because of the price - each bottle is worth every single penny!
Next on my list is ‘Coconutty’ from the new Castaway S/S 2012 collection. Never have I looked forward to a post-payday treat more!

Love and kisses,
Holly Salts

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  1. Can't wait to get a job and then I too will be purchasing much nail polish! Loving the blog Holly :) x