Sunday, 20 May 2012

Smile Because It Happened

Since I've finally had my phone and laptop sorted (It's been a very unfortunate and expensive technical month), I've had a lot of catching up to do on my blog reading, and it's come to my attention that many of the entries I've read this week have all shared a theme: Finishing uni.

At first, this made me feel quite old, so after a quick check for grey hairs (I found some a week before my 22nd birthday - it was so distressing I'm sure it encouraged a few more to turn silver) I started thinking back to this time a year ago, and I realized how much my life has changed.

For starters, I got my first full-time job (admittedly an internship, but it has a per annum salary so it counts) as a Production Intern at The Disney Channel. And anyone who knows me at all, will know that this is a dream job for me. I'm a big kid at heart, and so a job that entails making cartoons on a daily basis makes me a very happy  Holly!

For the first six months I commuted and spent five long hours a day on a train. This was so painful, that despite my relatively low income I decided to spend the extra money, and moved up to the big city in February of this year. 

Now my internship has nearly come to an end, I've finally (after nearly thee years) managed to get myself out of my student overdraft and I live in a plush flat in suburban Chiswick. I'm still struggling, and I'm definitely still starting out, but I'm happy with how much I've achieved in a year, and cannot wait to start looking around for the next exciting opportunity!

And the best thing about all this reminiscing is that the friends I made at uni that I hoped I'd stay in contact with are still in my life now. And occasionally, we still act like students!
BATV, One Year On

So congratulations to all of you who have just finished your dissertation and exams!
Speaking as someone who well and truly started at the bottom, I can assure you that you have so much to look forward to!

Love and kisses,
Holly Salts

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  1. Congrats on your new job!! I did an internship with Disney World my second year in college(Uni) and it was no as cool as working at the Disney channel! I just worked at the park.