Wednesday, 3 April 2013

MW Nails

I turned 23 recently and was well and truly spoilt by everyone - I can't express how much I appreciate all the time and effort that my favourites put into helping me celebrate! I'm a very lucky lady.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous that Laurie hadn't asked anyone for any help with my present, but I needn't have feared. Amongst other little bits he treated me to a manicure at MW Nails!

If you haven't heard of them (I hadn't until I opened the voucher!) then allow me to explain the basics.
They have two branches, both in London. One in Spitalfields, and one in Holborn. Laurie booked me in at Spitalfields as its nearer to his flat, and we knew the area so could plan a day out around it.

Everything, down to the names and descriptions of the different manicures and pedicures on offer, is themed. What seems like a normal nail bar from the outside, is decked out like the interior of a plan on the inside.

The technicians all wear the cutest 70s air hostess outfits, and he treatments they offer all feature names of sunny holiday destinations, and so while you're having your Fiji full set, for half an hour you forget that in reality you're actually in an overcast and rainy East London.

I opted for the 'Two Weeks To Tahiti' manicure - after A LOT of deliberation. I normally wouldn't go for gels. I've had Shellac before, and it didn't last nearly as long as it said it would. However, my nails have been quite weak recently, and with a very exciting Easter holiday planned, I hoped that this time the gels would last me through and keep them looking nice through all the festivities!

Because of my not so great experience with Shellac, I chose the brand Artistic instead, in 'Soo In' - a musky purple colour.

40 minutes later, my nails were beautifully buffed, shaped and unbelievably shiny. The picture below does the shine no justice whatsoever.

Nail bars seem to be popping up on every local high street at the moment, but visiting MW Nails feels like a treat, without having to spend a whole spa-esque day there. Its done fast, but every second of it feels like luxury! 

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