Friday, 17 May 2013

First Few Weeks 'Up T'North'

I've been a resident of the North for less than two weeks, and already I'm loving life up here.
After fighting my fear of being out of my comfort zone in Cardiff, I've gone into Manchester with a 'Just Say Yes' attitude and accepted any invitation going!

Here's a little entry of my adventures so far!
When Karmen and I first moved here, the sun was shining and everyone was out in a beer garden! We slipped into shorts, maxi dresses and sunglasses, and headed to a beautiful pub garden on Beech Road, The Horse and Jockey, along with her husband Tomoi.
We drank wine, ate chips that were as big as Karmen's face (Where do they get these potatoes from?!) and made friends with a fluffy doggle!

Later that week, I had a surprise visit from one of my favourite people in the whole wide world - Anna Jacklin! Sadly, we were too busy gossiping, catching up and putting the world to right to take any photos! But, when I popped for a quick loo break, I saw this scribbled on the back of the cubicle door. It seems pretty appropriate. If I'm going to be a northerner, I definitely want to be part of the Manchester Massive! (Largely, for fear of getting on the wrong side of them!)

Having stayed in Karmen and Tomoi's spare room for a few nights, by Thursday I was looking forward to getting settled into my flat, and making the move feel more permanent. Alas, I had no furniture. So instead of sleeping on a hardwood floor, I stayed another night with my favourite hosts, but not before checking out a few more of the local Chorlton pubs, and the chinese take away, which DIDN'T SELL CHICKEN BALLS. So unbelieably upsetting.

That weekend, I finally moved into my flat (with furniture and all!) and my first night was spent with the removal service (my very obliging parents) sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. But not without making sure the fridge was well stocked up first!

As much as I love walking around naked, and watching Twilight without being judged, by Monday I was craving some human company, which was fortunate, seeing as I work in an office full of humans!

Amazingly, one lunchtime, we had an email explaining that outside our office, a company called Love Lunch were going to try and break the world record for the most people to simulatenously make a sandwich. Needless to say, we all jumped at the oportunity and smashed the previous 308, with 677 hairnetted people in one big gazebo.

We got a t-shirt as a prize, so we were pretty happy about that one!

I met up with my old university friend Georgina this week too. She took me to an incredible Gin Parlour in central Manchester called Gorilla, and I'd recommend it to anyone. The food was incredible - steak burgers on wooden boards, and with cocktails at £5 a pop, you really can't go wrong!

So that brings us up to today - hungover Friday. It's not often I turn up to work hungover, but last night our team was invited to some corporate drinks at a local edit house. On arrival, I was handed a glass of prosecco, and thanks to some super stealth waiters, I did not see the bottom of that glass for the next three hours.
It's not everyday that you end up having drunken munchies on a school night, with your work colleagues, but at half ten, we found ourselves over-sharing, struggling to stand, and giggling like loons, so headed to Prezzo for a pizza. The total night came to £11.50 - if this is how Manchester is beginning, then long let it continue!

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