Thursday, 6 June 2013

Back to Cardiff

I've only been out of Cardiff for a month, and I miss it already - the people, the places, everything!
So when Katy invited me back down for her birthday celebrations and a bank holiday weekend in the sun, I could hardly refuse!

I caught my train early Sunday morning from a chilly Manchester, and arrived in Cardiff four hours later in sunshine. Bliss! After a lunch date in town, I wandered over to Katy's flat down in the bay, where I was greeted with a big hug, and an even bigger glass of Cheeky V!

We watched Katy open her presents, drank prosecco, and waited for the rest of the party to arrive, before leisurely wandering down to the Las Iguanas in the sunshine for our dinner reservation.
Katy and I have been to Las Iguanas for drinks together a few times before, and new instantly what we wanted to order for our happy hour drinks - the Brazillian Bellini - there really is no other option! Prosecco and Mango heaven!

Apparently, not so pleasant if you're forced to down it!
I would have taken photos of the food, (which was lovely - and a bargain) but somebody drew a moustache on my finger, and that was a lot more fun to take pictures of!

After we'd eaten, we walked back up to Katy's flat to meet the taxis, but en route, were ridiculously  excited to see a carosel, and couldn't resist a ride!

We waitied for our taxis in the Welsh sunshine, and took more photos

Before ending at our final destination: Revolution De Cuba!
We were greeted with cocktails that we'd pre-ordered, and they flowed freely after that!

At half ten, the staff came round handing out maracas, hats and leis, before forming a conga chain that went around the entire bar, taking most of the patrons with it!

I even got bought a drink with a sparkler in it. What more could you possibly ask for?

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