Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision, and the beginning of a Nail Art obsession

Eurovision is undoubtedly one of my favourite events of the year, which my uni housemate Georgy and I celebrate every year. In fact, I'm on route to her house as I type.

So with Eurovision arriving and my new obsession with nail art, I thought I'd combine the two! And let's face it, 2012 is a year to be patriotic!

I first tried out this Union Jack nail art on Calvin, a fellow Disney intern, who wanted just one nail done for a Eurovision party tonight. For a first attempt, I'm quite chuffed, an from the look of it, so was Calvin!

I used Barry M for the blue base (I like this one, as it has a shimmer to it) and then white and red nail art pens that I bought for a bargain price on eBay.

Really easy to do in three simple steps:
1. Do a couple of coats of the base blue. Allow to dry
2. With the white nail art pen, draw a thick cross along the centre, and then draw the thinner diagonal lines.
3. Once the white has dried, draw the red lines on top of the white cross and diagonals you drew. It's easier to do it this way than to outline the red with white, unless you have a really steady hand!

Et voila! Patriotic nails!
I haven't quite mastered the steady hand necessary for this yet, but practice makes perfect!

What do you think? Have any better methods?
I'm constantly looking for inspiration, so what else would you like to see on your nails?

Love and kisses,
Holly Salts


  1. Aw that such a cute lil bit of nail art, jealous of your skills! LV x

  2. Great nail art-I was actually thinking of doing something like this for the Jubilee! Great post.

    Tanesha x