Monday, 28 May 2012

One for the Night Owls

It's gone 2am, my attic room is like a sauna in uncharacteristically Mediterranean England, and I can't sleep.
The obvious thing to do was blog!

If truth be told, I have rather a lot on my mind tonight.
Primarily, my money (ie. a lack of being able to shop freely for ridiculous dresses and heels I don't need) woes, job hunting woes, and woes about the fact that I know I'm going to have to get up early in the morning to straighten my hair before work, because heat and my hair just don't get on.

And instead of doing anything pro-active with my insomnia, I got distracted in the kitchen by my housemate/best friend Sam, and we had a good old natter in hushed tones for over an hour and a half and put the world to right.
Suddenly, sitting on our kitchen floor (I'm not really sure why...I'm poor, but I do have a living room...) the world was put to right and I'm happy as Larry. Even though he still won't let me have a puppy.
And I figured if I can share my love for Union Jack nail art on the internet, surely I can share my love for a person.
So here we are; Sam and I at the QVC summer party 2010, when I had awful goth-coloured hair and pale vampire-esque skin (not the sparkling in the sun kind).
Horrendous hair, horrendous over-exposure, yummy candyfloss, and a whole lotta love.
Incidentally, if any of you do happen to read this all the way to completion without vomiting over my ridiculous gushing, please do pop a comment below and suggest an insomnia cure? I'd be forever grateful!

Love and kisses,
Holly Salts

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