Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Beautiful Christmas Countdown

Couldn't resist a quick post on this one...

Chirstmas is one of my favourite times of year, and I annually count the days down until the first of December when I allow myself to put up my tree, listen to Chirstmas songs, send out cards and start opening my advent calendar!

But this all got a little more exciting when a lady in the office mentioned that her partner had bought her a beauty products advent calendar. Cue over excited squeals from every girl in the office!

After a bit of a quick search - I found exactly what she was referring to. Ladies (and gents - Laurie, please take note of this...) I give you, The Latest in Beauty You Calendar.

Each window reveals a sample size beauty product from some of our favourite beauty brands, along with a discount offer for the full size product. It all comes in a beautifully packaged box, and is only £59.95, with free p&p.
The contents itself are worth over £210, and include brands such as St Tropez, L'Occitane, Benefit and Nicky Clarke.

I think it s a beautiful gift to give someone (many of the men in the office agreed. I've sent out the link three times already to men eager to impress their special ladies!), or to treat yourself with!
Our waistlines are happy as we're not eating chocolate everyday, and what better way to get through the rush and stress of Christmas than to treat yourself to a little you time?

Love and kisses,

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