Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Yves St Laurent Lipstick - 'Rouge Muse'

I was truly spoilt this Christmas with all the usual beauty bits and pieces (All male relatives opt for 'girl things' that always go down a treat!) but one of my absolute favourite beauty gifts I was lucky enough to receive was this Yves St Laurent lipstick in 'Rouge Muse'.

The first thing that impressed me was the packaging. A box within a box, filled with tissue paper and topped with a bow? Obviously, this was going to be good!

I've been eyeing up these for a while, but never quite got around to buying one, so I couldn't wait to try it out. The colour was perfect for me - my skin tone really doesn't lend itself well to pale colours, so this bright red was a brilliant option.

As always, I applied a lip balm first to soften the lips before application and to stop the colour from blending into the lip lines. The colour was strong, and appeared the same on my lips as on my hand. I wore it on NYE with a simple black dress (and my new Kurt Gieger heels - eeeeeekkk!!), and it jazzed up the outfit instantly, and lasted up to the new year, survived my midnight kiss, and beyond!


  1. I'm dying for one of these lipsticks, the packaging is too beautiful xx

    1. It could have been a rubbish lipstick, and I still would have loved it for the packaging! Just a bonus that the lipsticks fantastic too! :)