Friday, 1 February 2013

January 2013

I honestly cannot believe a month of 2013 has passed already! Crazy crazy times. And what a busy month its been!

I've been working a lot, and at some very strange hours, but this doesn't mean I haven't made time to have some fun too. After Christmas, I headed back to my new little home (albeit, very temporary) in Cardiff. But throughout all of January this weekend coming will be the first that I've spent here!

I had some annual leave to take, and so spent a luxurious 4 day weekend in London with the boyfriend, who also managed to get the same days off - nothing short of a miracle! We spent an amazing day doing lots of London touristy things (Which is definitely acceptable again since I gave up my flat there). First stop was Battersea Cats and Dogs home, which was beautiful - such adorable doggles! I feel in love with one kitten too many though, and had to be consoled with a Cadbury Creme Egg when we left.

Next stop, was The Barbican for a visit to the Rain Room.
I realise that this sounds like a relatively middle-aged thing to do, but it was incredible, and I'd recommend a visit to anyone. It was quite a long queue, and at times I did question if it was going to be worth it, but armed with a Costa, the queue went quickly, and I'm so glad we waited.

The rain room is what it says on the tin - it rains indoors, but little sensors on the wall mean that it will stop raining whereever you are and you stay perfectly dry. At least, I stayed perfectly dry. Laurie got a bit too over-excited and moved to fast for the installation and consequently got a bit of a soaking.
Have any of you been? What did you make of it? Would love to see any photos you managed to take!

We dried off, had some dinner, and went for a cocktail or two at B@1 Spitalfields with some friends. We danced, we laughed, we were served copious amounts of cocktails and shots, and we planned our entry into the Red Bull SoapBox Race later this year. Yep. That's definitely going to happen.

 Oh, and to top off our weekend, we made the most of the snow, and built a Snow Boy (He was too little to be a snowman) His name is Morris.

 The following weekend was a trip home to celebrate my best friend Chloe's birthday. As with every single one of Chloe's parties, it was fancy dress on a budget. All in all, an amazing night. best explained in pictures...

The theme was 'Lets be Kids Again' - so you had to come as your favourite kids character. or just dressed as you would have to a birthday party when you were 5!
Admittedly, Wonder Woman wasn't my favourite children's character. But I did like super heroes. and this was the best I could do without spending any money on a costume!

Complete with Birthday cake (made by the wonderful Sophie Davis!), pinata and party bags it was perfect!

This weekend is my first weekend in Cardiff of 2013 and there's already lots planned. The Six Nations starts tomorrow, and you can't help but be a bit of a rugby fan when you live here. The atmosphere is amazing, so I'm heading out on the tiles for drinks with the girls. Can't wait!
If anyones out in Cardiff this weekend - give me a shout, and I'll buy you a shot!

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